Your Drain Guy | Clogged drains are what we do for residential houses in the Indianapolis metropolitan area.
Your Drain Guy provides the best services in the Indianapolis region for unclogging tough drains, pipes and sewer lines - all with a friendly hoosier hospitality service.
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Drain and Sewer Cleaning (and Repair)

Your Drain Guy is your RESIDENTIAL drain and plumbing expert serving the greater Indianapolis region. We are a family (and woman) owned and operated business catering to all of your drain/ sewer cleaning needs. Using Spartan drain cleaning machines, Spartan water jetters and Ridgid Sewer inspection cameras, we can clean your drains from the toughest of clogs in your kitchens, bathrooms and sinks.

Our staff is always friendly and clean, and work hard to get the job done in the most efficient and cost effective manner, using the latest technologies to achieve the best results. Whether you simply need your kitchen drain snaked clean or have an emergency flooding in your bathroom toilet, Your Drain Guy is the proven pick getting the job done!

Drain and Sewer Cleaning & Repair:

  • High Pressure Sewer Water Jetting
  • High Pressure Mini Water Jetting
  • Sewer and Drain Cleaning with Cable for Sewers, Kitchen Sinks, Floor Drains, Mop Sinks, Hand Sinks, Water Fountains, Urinals, Toilets, Laundry and Basement Drains and More
  • Camera Sewer Lines to Check for Broken or Damaged Pipes
  • Locate Sewer Lines for Repairs
  • Add Drain Lines to Existing Plumbing


Our Main Goal is Your Satisfaction.
All of our work is backed with a parts and labor warranty.

Spartan Drain Cleaning Machines